Another busy winter week!

It’s a beautiful day with a weak promise of some rain tonight and tomorrow. The mountains have much snow but the valley has only had one significant rain, less than half an inch. Enough whining about the weather.

It has been a busy week in the Owens Valley. On Monday, January 17 There was a short movie filming most of the day on Main Street Lone Pine. “No Place to Fall” is the story of a troubled soldier returning to his assignment and spending the last day with his girl friend. A casting call hired a half a dozen locals for the morning at the Bonanza Mexican Restaurant and afternoon and evening at the historic Double L Saloon.

On Saturday, January 15 a movie scout for a Dodge Ram commercial was in town and out in the Alabama Hills looking for four specific shots.  He must have found them because the production will be back next week.

Here_ Now Dodge Ram scout Geoff Juckes.jpg

Also on Saturday was a screening of Gunga Din at the Museum of Western Film History, followed by a tour. I took the group to the assembly area at the fort, the Temple pocket, Tantra Pur Village, the suspension rope bridge and the battle grounds at Ruiz Hill. It was a fun day.

Here_now Gunga Din Tour.jpg

Jon Klusmire and I wrote and performed “A Roast of the Best Things in Inyo” for the Inyo Associates dinner Saturday night. Lots of laughs, groans and gasps, but so far no libel law suits.

H_N roast of best things.jpg

I am very proud of the two new dispatches on the Red Hill disturbed cinder landscape at I was saddened to hear that High & Dry’s friend and mine owner Robert Ray perished New Year’s Day in a house fire at Dunmovin Hill.  He was very helpful to our desert explorations and he will be missed.

Tonight we show Salmon Fishing in Yemen, the movie based on this year’s community read book of the same name. I am host and the screening is free at 7 at the film museum.

Excited because tomorrow, Friday January 22, I leave for Chungking Studio and collaborator/photographer Osceola’s panel with moderator Shana Nys Dambrot. Osceola also has pieces in two different booths of the PhotoLA event (see calendar above for more information.) Then we (High & Dry) will be spending three days exploring the Coachella Valley with dispatches and photographic portfolios to follow. Both fun and hard work!