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Outdoor Writers Association of California Spring Conference in Auburn

We are excited to be attending another OWAC Conference next week in Auburn, California. Because of the distance of our travel, we will be traveling a day early and staying at the Miner’s Camp cabin the first night. Then the conference continues in Auburn at the Holiday Inn on Sunday May 22 and Monday May 23, with craft events, dinners, activities and meeting and talking with other outdoor writers of California.

We have been notified that High & Dry has won some kind of award for work in the last year. Osceola is a regular winner with stunning outdoor photography that also includes work actually at the conference itself. We were honored last year when our website was singled out for special commendation by our peers.

The conference also allows us to focus on future plans and decide future trips into our deserts, and what dispatches and subjects we will be exploring. The conference also includes a lot of fun as well, and even some relaxing.  We’ll update you after the conference concludes.